Logic S.r.l. offers a wide range of disposable products, both OEM original and compatible, for most popular medical equipment:

  • ECG cables
  • ECG electrodes
  • Defibrillation electrodes
  • SpO2 sensors
  • BIS sensors
  • Entropy sensors
  • NIBP cuffs
  • IBP transducers and cables
  • Temperature probes
  • Medical Gel

All compatible products meet or exceed OEM specifications and come with full certificates.

Logic proudly sells since 2014 the SpO2 FMT sensors manufactured by Metko Ltd. and 100% compatible with Nellcor Oximax® technology.

Please find below some technical manufacturing details of FMT disposable sensors:


Golden plated contacts

Faraday cage shielding all the optoelectronic components

Shielded and enforced cable, strong and flexible

Latex free

Sterile packaging


FMT disposable sensors have been independently tested by the Italian Association of Biomedical Technicians – ‘ANTAB and have been rated as totally equivalent to the OEM sensors.