Modules for patients monitors

Most popular patient monitors are today based on a modular architecture. Therefore it is easy and convenient to ship the modules instead of the whole equipment when a repair is required. Logic is able to guarantee a precise and reliable service support with fixed and capped repair prices, totally independent by the level of the failure. Most repairs include the replacement of the damaged outer housing and of all the required inner hardware. If necessary, the software can be upgraded to the latest available version. Time and logistic are important issues, therefore all customers can ship out the modules free of charge using the DHL account n. 969737685. Logic can support the modules from the main brands, including the following:

  • GE Datex E-PRESTN
  • GE Datex M-PRESTN
  • GE SAM
  • GE TRAM 451N
  • Draeger EtCO2 module
  • Draeger Infinity Multimed Pod
  • Draeger Infinity Delta
  • Philips HP M1016A
  • Philips HP M1020A
  • Philips HP M1012A
  • Philips M3000A
  • Philips M3001A
  • Philips M3012A
  • Philips M3015A

Each module is previously subjected to a high level disinfection using dedicated products with bactericide, sporicide and virucide action.

At the end of the repair process the modules are tested following the specifications mentioned in the IEC 62353 norm “Medical Electrical Equipment—Recurrent Test and Test After Repair of Medical Electrical Equipment”. All the equipment is periodically calibrated as stated in Logic ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

The limited warranty on the repaired modules is 180 gg. and can be extended to 1 year with a small price increase.

moduli monitoraggio-2