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Progetti internazionali


Logic srl's experience over the years in the management and supply of spare parts, consumables, accessories and biomedical equipment has enabled it to build established relationships with charitable foundations committed to helping health care realities in Africa.
Logic supports Foundations and NGOs in finding the best solution with respect to their needs for the health facilities they manage. This path is dictated by the constant search for potential providers who can offer the best medical solutions that can be integrated in difficult contexts such as those in Africa.
Since 2021, Logic, has also begun to invest its expertise gained over the years for the participation in International Tenders promoted by Non-Governmental Organizations/NGOs (such as Italian Cooperation, UN, World Bank, etc.), Government Entities.

Via Pigafetta, 1-34147-Trieste
Phone +39 040 3407340
CF & VAT number 00977960327

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