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Logic has always been committed in respecting the environment and has therefore implemented evolved corporate policies for energy efficiency and the use of recyclable materials.

Specifically, thanks to a specific POR-FESR contribution provided by the Municipality of Trieste, the headquarters has been equipped with a latest-generation photovoltaic system for the production of electricity up to 10.80 kW and a storage system with a capacity of 16 kWh.

The photovoltaic system is fully integrated with the heat pump heating and cooling system without the use of natural gas or other fossil fuels.

Alberi ambiente

In addition to what is self-produced thanks to photovoltaic panels, if necessary and thanks to membership in the Confindustria Energy Consortium , Logic supports the purchase of electricity from companies that guarantee a share of more than 38 percent from renewable sources.

Pannelli solari

The POR-FESR grant provided by the City of Trieste also enabled the replacement of window frames with PVC and double-glazing with high thermal insulation for a substantial reduction in heat loss.


In addition to energy efficiency, the company actively pursues a policy that has effectively zeroed out the use of new plastic packaging. All packaging systems are recycled, or new but paper-based and therefore completely biodegradable (including adhesive tape).

Finally, Logic, adheres to the COBAT and CONAI consortia for the proper management of exhausted batteries, electrical waste and electronic equipment and packaging.

Via Pigafetta, 1-34147-Trieste
Phone +39 040 3407340
CF & VAT number 00977960327

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