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Logic has been a partner of the main Clinical Engineering Services and of the major Global Service Companies since 1999. Specialized assistance therefore tends to be complementary to the repair and maintenance activities normally undertaken by technicians working within health facilities.

Logic, was the first European company repairing ultrasound probes, starting the service in 2007. Today, with more than 2.000 repairs performed annually, the repairability of standard, volumetric, laparoscopic and transesophageal probes from leading manufacturers is guaranteed with the best timelines on the market and the availability of hundreds of courtesy (loaner) probes.


Logic's Service specializes in the repair of all those biomedical equipment and related accessories, for which it is possible the transfer to its laboratories in Trieste.

Logic is also able to intervene on:

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  • ultrasound probes

  • manual and semi-automatic defibrillators

  • multi-parameter monitors

  • monitoring modules

  • electrosurgical unit

  • cardiotocographs

  • transducers for cardiotocographs

  • electrocardiographs

  • heads for endoscopy cameras

  • light sources for endoscopy, control units for light sources, endoscopic irrigators, heating elements (Optitherm), etc.

  • drills for neurosurgery

  • pulse oximeters

  • capnometers


For these devices, Logic has a well-stocked spare parts warehouse at its headquarters.

Shipments of goods that require checks or verifications at our laboratories are the responsibility of the sender.

Logic can support the customer by providing the collection service after completing the form attached below:

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Logic, through its subsidiary Sonos Europe, was the first European company to offer a repair service for ultrasound probes starting in 2007 and can now boast decades of experience in this field. 

As of January 1, 2016 Sonos Europe has been acquired within Logic.

Today, therefore, Logic is able to guarantee assistance on hundreds of standard, 3D/4D and Transesophageal probes every year, covering the main brands (including GE, Esaote, Philips, Siemens-Acuson, Toshiba, Hitachi-Aloka, Samsung -Medison), with its own specialized technicians, a well-stocked spare parts warehouse and a vast stock of forklift probes.
Logic  is also able to offer regenerated ultrasound probes and new "compatible" ultrasound probes (for most of the equipment on the market). 

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Phone +39 040 3407340
CF & VAT number 00977960327

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