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Logic realizes approx. 10 percent of total sales on the African continent, where the company has operated since 2017 through its subsidiary in Ghana Logic Healthcare Africa Ltd. and since 2022 through its wholly owned subsidiary Logic Senegal S.a.r.l.

Logic can also rely on a wide network of agents and distributors working in the health sector and can also intervene directly with its own technical staff, thus guaranteeing a widespread presence throughout much of the continent.

The proposed solutions are always designed and tailor made specifically for each target context highlighting the quality/price ratio paying particular attention to operating costs

The company's approach to its customers is always based on the development of long-term relationships and all-round support for optimal technology management.

Via Pigafetta, 1-34147-Trieste-Italy
Phone +39 040 3407340
CF & VAT number 00977960327

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